Meditation means that you are able to focus on one object for a sufficiently long time without your mind beginning to wander. When you meditate on the heart, you get a break from thinking, from the hustle and bustle, and for a while you will feel yourself and be in the heart. In this way, feeling becomes a new form of thinking, where the heart is your compass. In practice, this means that you have an easier time dealing emotionally and thoughtfully with the inner and outer conflicts that come with the challenges of our time. And that you can keep track of and strengthen human relationships. The goal of Heartfulness meditation is to optimize our conscious and emotional relationship to reality – to stand stronger within ourselves. The Heartfulness Institute and the University of Copenhagen are currently collaborating on a major scientific study of Heartfulness meditation. As part of the MRI study, people scan before, during and after they have started meditating on the heart. And the scan confirms an adaptation of the brain by detecting an increased functional and anatomical network between centers in the brain that regulates the interaction between thought and emotion. Meditation creates a new relaxed and clarified consciousness that changes your brain.

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