Today, we are challenged physically, mentally and spiritually as human beings. We need to adapt to digital technology, greater amounts of information, increasing demands on health, family life and careers, new ways of working, time constraints and uncertainty for our own and the future of the world.

People are increasingly showing signs that they have difficulty adapting to the new reality. We develop illnesses that originate from stress such as allergies, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular diseases, anxiety and depression just to name a few. It is all a sign that our mind and consciousness are under pressure. We simply lose people who cannot keep up.

The new circumstances also place demands on the workplaces, which have a greater responsibility when it comes to dealing with employee well-being. An organization today has a responsibility to take care of its employees so that they are well and can preserve their humanity.

Health programs, increased interest and understanding of well-being and healthy living are becoming more and more widespread and are a necessary priority in our lives if we are to physically adapt to the new circumstances.

But where do we find the personal power to meet the mental and spiritual challenges of the time? Where do we find time, tools and tranquility for self-care and to be with ourselves?

You do this, among other things, by meditating.

When we use the phrase Mediter with the heart – stand strong in yourself is not just a fool. It is a fact which is supported by the scientific research of recent years.

Heartfulness Meditation is a sublime technique for mental training of the brain’s readiness for conversion. It prepares the ability for new learning, intuitive understanding and inspiration. And that’s exactly what customization is all about.

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