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Let's continue with the practice of Yoga and Meditation

Practise Yoga postures, movements, breathing exercises, followed by heart-based meditation practices

Every Tuesday 7 PM AEST from 29 June 2021

Every Sunday 8 AM AEST from 4 July 2021

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The Program


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Our Partners

About The Heartfulness Institute Australia and United Nations Associations Australia(N.S.W Division) Partnership

Heartfulness Institute is a global non-profit organization with 14,000 certified volunteer trainers supporting millions of practitioners in over 140 countries. The Institute is an INGO of UN DGC, with the humanitarian aim of promoting universal peace and harmony through the practices of Yoga. In Australia, the Heartfulness Institute is registered as a non-profit charity for the advancement of education in Australia.

The United Nations Association of Australia (N.S.W. Division) works to inform, inspire and engage all Australians to achieve the aims of the United Nations in creating a safer, fairer, and more sustainable world.

This year Heartfulness Institute Australia and United Nations Association of Australia NSW division have united to celebrate International Day of Yoga 2021- Yoga4Unity and well-being. Yoga is a holistic approach to develop good health and well-being. The benefits of yoga echoes with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3- Good health and Well-being to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. The practices of yoga are not about physical exercise, it is a way of life to discover oneness within our self, the world and the nature.

Reflect and Resonate

Articles, videos and books to connect with your body, mind and soul.


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Dr. Ichak Adizes

Physics tells us that when the Big Bang happened, time and space started, which means that...

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Dr. Damon Ashworth

Sleep difficulties are a feature of nearly every mental health problem, including depression...

Role of laughter in marriage

Dr. Ichak Adizes

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Kamlesh Patel

Deep sleep is an unconscious state with no content. In deep sleep, our brainwave frequencies slow down...

Free Yourself from Stress


Stress is everywhere in our daily lives. When it is positive (eustress), it is considered beneficial...


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