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I recently changed my meditation practice to Heartfulness, and felt the benefits immediately. I have made more progress in the last 2 weeks than I achieved through meditation in the last 2 years. I feel calmer, more content, less reactionary, and more empathetic to the needs of others. I have a clearer mind and increased ingenuity. I am less inclined to seek out the “crutches” that I thought made me feel better. I am undoubtedly on a better path.

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- Mike Parry

I study at the University of Queensland and work as a civil engineer in Brisbane. Race walking is my passion and I have a career as an elite athlete at the international level. I was brought up in a spiritual environment and have sensed the benefit of developing inner wealth from a young age.

I started Heartfulness Meditation at the age of 15, and use the core practices to balance my life and my mind under pressure. I see the mind like a mirror. When I am able to adjust it, I see a different lens to life. When I attack the race, it enables me to try really hard and push myself to the maximum.

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- Clara Smith, Elite Athlete & Engineer

I have been practising Heartfulness Meditation for 22 years, and a sense of gratitude is now always within reach. I can set aside mundane concerns and anxieties, which used to be debilitating for me. The space created within is a place to which I return, at will, to be nourished and energized in a way that I never found elsewhere.

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- Rochelle Hairs, Childhood & Parent Educator

Can we have this trainer back again? I was speechless, blown away by how good the Heartfulness session was. The trainer so masterfully controlled the pace, captured everyone’s attention, and helped us relax our bodies. We learned many yoga stretches, really simple moves we can do between meetings on a chair. We learned how yoga and meditation connect our mind, the neurons in our brain, our nervous system, etc., so that when everything is connected, the mind become a superhighway – clear and fast. I can definitely feel the change before and after.

I came out of the session feeling so refreshed and clear. The session was so smooth, the trainer’s directions so gentle and firm, clear and profound at the same time, and we just slid into meditation. One colleague summed it up best: it was really an hour of power. Thank you.

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- Wendy Chan, Government Wellness Coordinator

Hello, I’m a counsellor in Toowoomba and I’ve been practising Heartfulness Meditation for 7 years. Before I started, I was facing some difficult situations, and I felt out of kilter, like I had no foundation. The married couple who introduced me to Heartfulness had an aura of calmness about them – they were gentle folk, at peace, and I wanted that. Today, I can honestly say it has changed my life. I’m no longer afraid of the future, I’m comfortable in my own skin, I’m calm, and my mind doesn’t go round in circles like it used to. When something goes wrong, I know how to breathe deeply, go within, and calm any rough waters. It is a truly wonderful way to live, and I highly recommend it!

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- Vicki Grinham, Counsellor

We are grateful for the Heartfulness Meditation sessions conducted for the consular staff since 2018, including the remote sessions via Zoom during Covid restrictions. We enjoy being with other participants for these sessions, and feel the importance of staying positive in our daily life – being relaxed, calm, and maintaining overall synergy.

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- Luisa and Pulak, Swami Vivekananda Cultural Centre, Sydney